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Paphiopedilum stonei (Hooker) Stein
in Stein's Orchideenbuch: 487 (1892).
Basionym :
Cypripedium stonei Hooker in Curtis's Botanical Magazine, 88: t. 5349 (1862).
Synonyms :
Cypripedium platytaenium Reichenbach fil. in The Gardeners' Chronicle, 2nd series, 14: 134 (1880).
Cordula stonei (Hooker) Rolfe in The Orchid Review, 20(1): 2 (1912).
Type(s) :
Varieties & Forms :
Paphiopedilum stonei f. luteo-album Koopowitz & O. Gruß

Other names that can be found:
var. aerosepalum - The lower sepals are not fused to form the synsepalum. Probably a single mutation.
var. candidum (Masters) Pfitzer - Lacks purple pigment in the sepals.
var. cannaertianum
var. delectum
var. grande
var. hackbridgeanum
var. hyeanum
var. macranthum
var. magnificum
var. pallens
var. platytaenium (Reichenbach fil.) Stein - With broad petals 1.5 cm wide.
var. roseum
var. stictopetalum M.W. Wood , (1977). - Almost certainly of hybrid origin. (P.J. Cribb, 1987)
subsp. stictopetalum M.W. Wood in The Orchid Review, (1977). - Probably a hybrid. (O. Gruß, 2020)
var. superbum

Most of the names in this list are best considered cultivars.
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