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Paphiopedilum agusii Cavestro & Bougourd
in The Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia Nomenclature Note, 5(1): 1-8 [1] (2017).
Type(s) : Central Java, Jawa Tengah Province, Gunung Tugel Region; October 2016, ca 900 m; flowering February 2017; W. Cavestro, s.n. (Holotype: ANDA).
Etymology : This species is named in honour of Agus Marup, a nursery owner in Java, Indonesia.
Plant : Terrestrial herb, 3-6 leaved.
Leaves : Leaves oblong to elliptic, obtuse at apex, dark green tessellated, 14-20 cm long and 3-4.4 cm wide.
Inflorescence : The inflorescence is one flowered; peduncle 16-24 cm long, shortly pubescent.
Flower : Flower 8-8.7 cm wide; dorsal sepal white striated with dark green and purple; synsepal white and dark green striated; petals light green at base and purple in the middle and apical part, veined with darker green and brown spotted from the base to the middle; central lobe of the lip light green, veined with darker green over the surface; lateral lobes white with small light brown warts; staminode light green, 3-5 green veins from the middle to the apex. Dorsal sepal largely ovate to ovate, obtuse at apex, 3.4-3.6 cm long and 3.5-3.7 cm wide. Synsepal ovate, obtuse at apex, 2.4 cm long and 2.2 cm wide. Petals more or less deflected, oblong to very slightly spathulate, shortly ciliated on margins, 5-5.2 cm long and 1.2-1.5 cm wide. Lip saccate, 4-4.3 cm long and 2.2 cm wide; side-lobes incurved and warty. Staminode subcircular, 8-9 mm long and wide, divided into 2 lobes at the base; 2 arcuate and obtuse teeth at the apex.
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Distribution : Central Java, Indonesia.
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