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Paphiopedilum concolor (Lindley ex Bateman) Pfitzer
in A. Engler & K. Prantl, Die Natürlichen Pflanzenfamilien, 2(6): 84 (1888).
Basionym :
Cypripedium concolor Bateman in Curtis's Botanical Magazine, 91, t. 5513 (1865).
Synonyms :
Cypripedium concolor Lindley in The Gardeners' Chronicle, 1st series, 25: 318 (1865), published 08-Apr-1865, nomen nudum.
Cypripedium tonkinense Linden in Lindenia, 2: 61-62, t. 77 (1886).
Cordula concolor (Lindley ex Bateman) Rolfe in The Orchid Review, 20(1): 2 (1912).
Type(s) :
Varieties & Forms :
Paphiopedilum concolor f. album (Braem) Braem
Paphiopedilum concolor f. sulphurinum (Reichenbach fil.) O. Gruß

Other names that can be found:
var. chlorophyllum (Reichenbach fil.) Fowlie - Lacks the characteristic purple markings on the underside of the leaf.
var. gardenianum Gower
var. regnieri hort. - Is subsp. reynieri (Reichenbach fil.) Fowlie.
subsp. reynieri (Reichenbach fil.) Fowlie - The flowers show irregularly distributed dots.
f. striatum
var. striatum - The petals are streaked rather than spotted with purple.
var. tonkinense Godefroy-Lebeuf
f. tonkinense
Plant :
Leaves :
Inflorescence :
Flower :
Habitat :
Distribution : Among other countries it can be found in Laos.
Flowering Season :
Chromosomes :
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