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Paphiopedilum bellatulum (Reichenbach fil.) Stein
in Stein's Orchideenbuch: 456 (1892).
Basionym :
Cypripedium bellatulum Reichenbach fil. in The Gardeners' Chronicle, 3rd series, 3: 648 (1888).
Synonyms :
Cordula bellatula (Reichenbach fil.) Rolfe in The Orchid Review, 20(1): 2 (1912).
Type(s) :
Varieties & Forms :
Paphiopedilum bellatulum f. album (O'Brien) Braem

Other names that can be found:
var. biflorum - The same as the typical form but with two flowers.
var. chotekae - Corresponds to the typical form, with large flowers and with large spots on the petals.
var. egregium - With a shorter, three-lobed dorsal sepal, otherwise corresponding to the typical form.
var. grandiflorum - With particularly large flowers.
var. lineatulum - Corresponds to the typical form, but with dashes/lines.
var. lowei - Like the typical form, but with crimson coloured spots.
var. luteo-purpureum - With pale apricot coloured flowers and purple spots.
var. majus
var. mariae - Pink, with purple spots, foliage green with ivory mottling.
var. nigrum - With large, black spots.
var. roseum - Flowers with a slightly pink base colour.
var. semialbum hort. , nomen nudum. - Name given to pale coloured clones.
var. superbum

Most of these names correspond to colourforms and are best considered as cultivars.
Plant :
Leaves :
Inflorescence :
Flower :
Habitat :
Distribution : Among other countries it can be found in Laos.
Flowering Season :
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