Last revision 09-May-2017
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Update History.

Recently three new species of Paphiopedilum have been described. (See news items at the right side of the screen.) Their names have been added to the web site. Also added are the latest published hybrid registrations. All registrations up to and including december 2016 are now included in the web site, except for Paphiopedilum. Adding the numerous Paphiopedilum hybrids is still a work in progress. The addition of other new data to the web site continues.
On the technical side of the web site there are some changes too. Not directly visible for the visitors of the web site are changes to the programming that forms the engine of the web site. However there is also a visible change. I changed the way the lists are presented so that they are a bit easier on the eyes.

Although some new data has been added this update is mainly an update of the scripting behind the web site.

Update History for 2016