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Paphiopedilum insigne (Wallich ex Lindley) Pfitzer
in Morphologische Studien über die Orchideenblühte, 11 (1886).
Basionym :
Cypripedium insigne Wallich ex Lindley in Collectanea Botanica, t. 32 (1822).
Synonyms :
Cordula insignis Rafinesque in Flora Telluriana, 4: 46 (1838).

Type(s) :

Varieties & Forms :
Paphiopedilum insigne f. sanderae (Reichenbach fil.) Braem
Paphiopedilum insigne f. sanderianum (Rolfe) Braem

Other names that can be found:
var. bonhoffianum - Lacks maroon spots on the dorsal sepals but is otherwise shaded with purplish brown.
var. chantii - This has flowers like the type but less undulate and differently coloured segments, mauve spots on the dorsal sepal and a glossy chestnut-brown lip.
var. Harefield Hall / 'Harefield Hall' - A well known and vigorous clone which has boldly marked flowers almost twice the size of the typical form. Chromosome studies have shown it is a triploid. (P.J. Cribb, 1987)
var. maulei - With largers flowers, paler petals and a longer narrower and paler lip.

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