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Phragmipedium hirtzii f. luteoviridis O. Gruß
in Die Orchidee, 63(5): 382 (2012).
Synonyms :
Phragmipedium hirtzii f. alboviride O. Gruß in Lateinamerikanische Frauenschuhe: 282 (2014), nomen nudum.

The name f. alboviride was mentioned by Olaf Gruß in his Lateinamerikanische Frauenschuhe: "Es wurde auch eine grüngelbliche Farbform als forma alboviride O. Gruss in Die Orchidee 65(5): 382, 2012, beschrieben."
Translation: "A greenish-yellow colour form was also described as forma alboviride O. Gruss in Die Orchidee 65(5): 382, 2012."
This is an odd piece of text by Olaf Gruß. The greenish-yellow colour form was described as f. luteoviridis and not as f. alboviride by Olaf Gruß himself. Furthermore the citation is wrong. 2012 was publication year 63 of Die Orchidee and not 65.
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