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Cypripedium calcicola Schlechter
in Acta Horti Gothoburgensis, 1: 126 (1924).
Synonyms :
Cypripedium calcicolum Schlechter in Acta Horti Gothoburgensis, 1: 126 (1924). (As Cypripedium calcicolus.)
Cypripedium smithii Schlechter in Acta Horti Gothoburgensis, 1: 129 (1924), nomen illegitimum.
Cypripedium tibeticum subsp. calcicola (Schlechter) Eccarius in Die Orchideengattung Cypripedium: 201 (2009).

Cypripedium ×smithii B.S. Williams
Type(s) :
Plant :
Leaves :
Inflorescence :
Flower :
Habitat :
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Flowering Season :
Chromosomes :
History :
Comments : P.J. Cribb (1997) considers Cypripedium smithii Schlechter to be a valid species, and Cypripedium calcicolum Schlechter to be conspecific.
In Sander's List of Orchid Hybrids. Supplement (May-July 2004) the following is published as a Registrar's Note: “The name Cyp. smithii Schltr. in Acta Horti Gothoburg 1:129 (1924) is presented as having priority over Cyp. calcicolum Schltr. l.c. p.126, see P.J. Cribb, The genus Cypripedium 1997: 209. However, The World Monocots Checklist gives Cyp. calcicolum as the priority name. This is because the name Cyp. Smithii was already in use for a hybrid Paphiopedilum, (Low in Gard. Chron. 1893(2): 756; Orch. Rev. 1894: 31). Consequently Cyp. calcicolum Schltr. is the name to be used in registration.
In Sander's List of Orchid Hybrids. Supplement (October-December 2005) the following Registrar's Note is published: “Following the note in an earlier Orch. Rev. Suppl. and SLOH Addendum 2002-2004: vi explaining that Cyp. calcicolum was the valid name for the plant previously known as Cyp. smithii, (see also Gruss and Paterny in Die Orchidee 56(4): 478-479. 2005), Dr John David kindly brought to my attention that words terminating in -icola are indeclinable. Words with this termination indicate dwelling or living in something. Examples include: caelicola, dwelling in heaven; calcicola, growing in limy soil; rupicola, dwelling on rocks, see Stearn, Botanical Latin: 214 (1973). Hence the correct name for this orchid is Cypripedium calcicola.