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Phragmipedium boissierianum var. reticulatum (Reichenbach fil.) Pfitzer
in A. Engler, Das Pflanzenreich, IV. 50. Orchidaceae-Pleonandrae (Heft 12): 50 (1903).
Basionym :
Selenipedium reticulatum Reichenbach fil. in Xenia Orchidacea, 2: 223 (1874).
Synonyms :
Cypripedium reticulatum (Reichenbach fil.) Reichenbach fil. in The Gardeners' Chronicle, new series, 18: 520-521 (1882).
Paphiopedilum reticulatum (Reichenbach fil.) Pfitzer in A. Engler, Botanische Jahrbücher für Systematik, Pflanzengeschichte und Pflanzengeographie, 19: 41 (1894).
Phragmopedilum boissierianum var. reticulatum (Reichenbach fil.) Rolfe emendates Pfitzer in A. Engler, Das Pflanzenreich, IV. 50. Orchidaceae-Pleonandrae (Heft 12): 50 (1903).
Phragmopedilum reticulatum (Reichenbach fil.) Schlechter in F. Fedde, Repertorium Specierum Novarum Regni Vegetabilis, Beihefte, 8: 111 (1921).
Phragmipedium reticulatum (Reichenbach fil.) Garay in Flora of Ecuador, 9: 22 (1979).
Type(s) :
Etymology : reticulatum = netlike. The name points to the netlike patterns on the petals of the flower.
Plant :
Leaves : Tongue shaped leaves without yellow margin.
Inflorescence :
Flower : The petals have strong frizzled edges. The tip and the margins of the lateral sepals are hardly curved backwards. The staminode is narrower than the base of the lip, diagonally elliptic, kidney shaped. The lip has a central notch, is more or less flat at the front and is two lobbed.
Habitat :
Distribution : Ecuador and Peru.
Flowering Season :
Chromosomes :
History : This Phragmipedium was found by Gustav Wallis in Ecuador. H.G. Reichenbach described this species in 1874 in Xenia Orchidaceae. The 21st of October 1882 he revised his description of this species in The Gardeners' Chronicle, at the same time comparing it with the closely related other two species.
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