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Phragmipedium boissierianum var. czerwiakowianum (Reichenbach fil.) O. Gruß
in Die Orchidee, 46(6): 219 (1995).
Basionym :
Selenipedium czerwiakowianum Reichenbach fil. in Bonplandia, 2: 116 (1854).
Synonyms :
Paphiopedilum czerwiakowianum (Reichenbach fil.) Pfitzer in A. Engler, Botanische Jahrbücher für Systematik, Pflanzengeschichte und Pflanzengeographie, 19: 41 (1894).
Phragmipedium czerwiakowianum (Reichenbach fil.) Rolfe in The Orchid Review, 4: 332 (1896).
Cypripedium czerwiakowianum (Reichenbach fil.) Kränzlin in Orchidacearum Genera et Species, 1: 49 (1901).
Phragmopedilum czerwiakowianum (Reichenbach fil.) Rolfe emendates Pfitzer in A. Engler, Das Pflanzenreich, IV. 50. Orchidaceae-Pleonandrae (Heft 12): 50 (1903).
Phragmopedilum cajamarcae Schlechter in F. Fedde, Repertorium Specierum Novarum Regni Vegetabilis, Beihefte, 9: 41 (1921).
Type(s) :
Etymology : The variety is named in honour of Dr. Ignatius Czerwiakowski from the Botanical Garden of Krakau, Poland.
Plant :
Leaves :
Inflorescence :
Flower : The petals have strong frizzled edges and the tips are clearly curved backwards. The synsepal is clearly visible as being larger than the lip. The staminode is wider than the base of the lip.
Habitat :
Distribution : Peru.
Flowering Season :
Chromosomes :
History : In 1854 H.G. Reichenbach described this supposedly new species and gave it its name in honour of Dr. Ignatius Czerwiakowski from the Botanical Garden in Krakau, Poland. H.G. Reichenbach recognized the fact that it looked very much like the shortly before described Phrag. boissierianum but he noticed that the synsepal is clearly much larger than the lip.
In 1921 R. Schlechter described a new species from Peru as Phragmopedilum cajamarcae. Together with the collection he made the following notes: "Cajamarca: Tabaconas river valley 950 m. - A. Weberbauer no. 6158, Apr. 1912". However this alleged new species from Cajamarca is synonymous with Phrag. boissierianum var. czerwiakowianum.
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