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Phragmipedium boissierianum (Reichenbach fil.) Rolfe
in The Orchid Review, 4: 327-334 [332] (1896).
Basionym :
Selenipedium boissierianum Reichenbach fil. in Xenia Orchidacea, 1: 3, 176 (1854). (Published 01-Apr-1854.)
Synonyms :
Cypripedium boissierianum Reichenbach fil. in Bonplandia, 2: 116 (1854). (Published 01-May-1854.)
Paphiopedilum boissierianum (Reichenbach fil.) Stein in Stein's Orchideenbuch: 456 (1892).
Paphiopedilum boissierianum (Reichenbach fil.) Pfitzer in A. Engler, Botanische Jahrbücher für Systematik, Pflanzengeschichte und Pflanzengeographie, 19: 41 (1894).
Phragmopedilum boissierianum (Reichenbach fil.) Pfitzer in A. Engler, Das Pflanzenreich, IV. 50. Orchidaceae-Pleonandrae (Heft 12): 50 (1903).
Cypripedium grandiflorum Pavon Misc. , without official description mentioned on a herbarium sheet of Pillao with the number 1787, nomen nudum.
Selenipedium duboisii , as text on a herbarium sheet at Kew, nomen nudum.
Selenipedium duboissierianum , as text on a herbarium sheet at Kew, nomen nudum.
Type(s) :
Etymology : This species is named after Edmond Boissier who owned the plant which H.G. Reichenbach used for his description.
Plant :
Leaves : The leaves do not have a yellow edge.
Inflorescence :
Flower : The petals have a frizzled wavy edge. The lip has no central notch and is rounded at the front.
Habitat :
Distribution : Peru.
Flowering Season :
Chromosomes : 2n = 18 (Karasawa, 1980).
History : In his list of the species of the genus Selenipedium, section Acaulia coriifolia H.G. Reichenbach mentions in Xenia Orchidaceae, Vol. 1: 3 from April 1st 1854, a new species which he also officially described. Later in 1856 he gave a more elaborate description of this new species in Bonplandia. He repeated this in 1858 in Xenia Orchidacea, Vol. 1, page 176 in the text that accompanied an illustration which shows a Phrag. boissierianum.
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