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Guido J. Braem and Eliseo Tesón describe two new natural Phragmipedium hybrids. They named them Phrag. ×daguense and Phrag. ×narinense and published the descriptions in Schlechteriana.

Phrag. ×daguense Braem & Tesón
Phrag. ×narinense Tesón & Braem


01-Jul-2017 & 05-Jul-2017
A new Paphiopedilum species from Sulawesi is described by William Cavestro in The Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia Nomenclature Note: Paphiopedilum anitanum.

Paph. anitanum Cavestro


Paphiopedilum zulhermanianum is described by William Cavestro in The Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia Nomenclature Note.

Paph. zulhermanianum Cavestro


William Cavestro describes Paphiopedilum dodyanum in The Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia Nomenclature Note.

Paph. dodyanum Cavestro


A new species from China is described as Paphiopedilum notatisepalum by Meina Wang, Si-Ren Lan and Zhong-Jian Liu in Phytotaxa.

Paph. notatisepalum Z.J. Liu, M. Wang & S.R. Lan


A new Paphiopedilum species belonging to the section Barbata is descriped in The Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia Nomenclature Note by William Cavestro and Nicolas Bougourd. They named it Paphiopedilum agusii.

Paph. agusii Cavestro & Bougourd


Two new species of Paphiopedilum belonging to the section Barbata from Sumatra, Indonesia are descriped in the Edinburgh Journal of Botany by Destario Metusala. Their names, Paphiopedilum bungebelangi and Paphiopedilum lunatum.

Paph. bungebelangi Metusala
Paph. lunatum Metusala


In the Australian Orchid Review Guido J. Braem, Eliseo Tesón and Jean-Pierre Faust describe a new species of Phragmipedium in the article: Phragmipedium anchicayense - A New Slipper Orchid from Colombia.

Phrag. anchicayense Braem, Tesón & Faust


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Welcome (back).

Let me start by mentioning a couple of new descriptions. A new Paphiopedilum species from Sulawesi, Indonesia has been described on the 1st of July by William Cavestro as Paph. anitanum. (The 5th of July there was a small addendum published with some corrections to this publication.)
And in the beginning of August two new natural hybrids in the genus Phragmipedium, discovered in Colombia, have been described by Guido J. Braem and Eliseo Tesón. They named them Phrag. ×daguense (Phrag. andreettae × Phrag. schlimii) and Phrag. ×narinense (Phrag. anguloi × Phrag. fischeri).

What this web site is concerned I can tell you that I now started to include data of the genus Cypripedium. The list of species is at the moment not without its flaws and still needs some research from my end. What is, as far as I know, complete and correct is the list of their infrageneric hybrids. The hybrid data added is complete up to and including March 2017.
The Phragmipedium infrageneric hybrids also have been updated up to that point.
Also a start has been made adding the infrageneric hybrids of the genus Paphiopedilum. I think that it needs no explaination that this is a major job and will be going on for quite some time before it is done. Please bare with me. I'll get there.

Thank you for visiting.

Rob Zuiderwijk

Recent monographs of slipper orchid genera.

Slipper Orchids of the Tropical Americas.
Phillip Cribb & Christopher Purver
Published 2017 by Natural History Publication and Orchid Digest in association with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. (English)
The Genus Paphiopedilum. 2nd Edition.
Guido J. Braem, Guy Chiron & Sandra L. Öhlund
Published 2016 by Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh. (English)
Lateinamerikanische Frauenschuhe.
Olaf Gruß
Published 2014 by Orchideenzauber-Verlag. (German)